A quick insight on how we've designed our recruitment process to be transparent but also to hire for the skills we're looking for.
A quick article explaining the concept of products that work but feel like they don't.
Today we talk about how to do the equivalent of garage sale flipping by 100% online.
I recently finished up a quick succession of Q&A panels and workshops. I found myself repeating myself several times so here's me writing it down
People often ask me how I get so much done in a small period of time. Here's how.
How do I go about launching an NFT project from idea to execution
Here is the sequel to my first post: getting 7000+ users in 7 days.
This week we onboarded a new community manager and I talk about an idea for an email proxy
We go over the last week of operations and how we've streamlined things. Also this weeks idea is around a new type of credit card.
This week, we discuss the trials of early stage hiring and an idea around tontines.
We launched EntryLevel and our sign ups went off the charts. Here's how.
Today we discuss communication. Talking to mentors, customers and partners in the best possible way. The idea for today's email is going to be a bit ou…